Saturday, October 1, 2011

Let's start :-)

Just trying to launch my blog, so at this point there's quite many imperfections. I hope it won't discourage you.

Yesterday in Poland we were celebrating Men's Day, therefore I'm attaching a postcard which I made for my dad. I like origami a lot, so I decided implement some of it in this project :-)


  1. Gratuluję założenia bloga! Layout tej strony jest naprawdę świetny - w szczególności podoba mi się baner z napisem "Mama Karolina" z klimtowskim motywem.
    A kartka jest przepiękna.
    Życzę powodzenia w prowadzeniu własnego bloga.
    Ściskam :***

  2. Hi, my finnish-polish mum :)
    very nice postcard, I almost regret that we don't have men's day :) but my brother has birthday tomorrow and my dad on saturday, so can I inspirate myself? :)

    Your finnish-polish pupil Jana

  3. Jana, honey, thanks for a comment. Awesome that you're here! :D

  4. i would love to be able to do those kind of things! but here in Finland I never know where to buy the material for it.

  5. "Já jsem všudezdejší" :) hopefully you can understand


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