Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pearls and laces...

The only good thing about the sick leave is that I finally have a couple of hours for my hobbies :-) I don't remember when was the last time I created something during a daylight, though this card seems to have a strong, spooky influence of upcoming Halloween. So, Morticia, where are you?

Btw, that was an answer for another challenge of Scrapuja Polki portal. Requirements: black/brown/green background and something shiny. The work was supposed to be inspired by a few pictures posted on the portal. So, here we go- black background with black laces and few pearls drops on the corners and in the middle.


  1. Very nice :) I wonder how much you spend on your materials ;)
    - Ines

  2. I also have devoted my recent sick leave to art project making :P
    Your card is absolutely adorable!
    All the best, my sugar pie :**


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