Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My first shadow box

This week I made my first shadow box. At the beginning it was supposed to be a postcard for my workmate Minna, but then I started thinking how to personalize it and I followed my first thought- Shakespeare's theatre, since Minna is an English language philologist She received the work anyways :-)

Also got bit inspired by Anuszka's work, dziekuje :-)

P.S. I tried to play with the new layout of the blog but apparently it's all against me. Can't adjust the background background which I wish (there's 40 shades of pink and no red :-( ) so I'll have a break for a while and I'll come back to it later, so I don't loose my nerves totally ;-) Any ideas?

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  1. Szadołboksik wymiata!
    W weekend będę miała chwileczkę, to powiem Ci jak zmienić kolor - dziś jestem już za bardzo zmęczona by szukać.


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