Sunday, March 25, 2012

Preparations for Easter

Today is a weird day. We just switched the time for the SUMMER mode, however we're expecting here SPRING first, but unfortunately everything outside looks like WINTER (fresh snow has just fallen down).

Nevertheless, I'm preparing greeting cards for the Easter in fresh, cheerful colours. Here it is, also as a response to a Scrapujace Polki challenge nr 24.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My first scrap and beginning of a big project

It happened so, that Scrapujace Polki forum has posted a challenge requiring a layout about the things that inspire you. Moreover, there had to be some visible splashed and journaling.

I found the challenge perfect for my big project that I'm about to start. I've been traveling a lot during my (ending) study time and I'd like to put it somehow together to not let the memories get forgotten. So here it is, a cover of my travel scrapbook :-)

And yes, I know St.Petersburg is not a country, but Russia is so huge that I decided to write it in this way ;-)

How do you like it?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is getting closer and closer!

How are you there? I spent my hiihtoloma (winter holidays) in beautiful and warm Italy. I visited Rome and my cousins in Anzio/Nettuno. It was funny to walk without a jacket, sometimes even in t-shirt, when all the native Italians were having thick jackets, scarfs and hats on :-D

Today I'm posting a card that has been done for my workmate leaving on her maternity leave. It's been preapared quite a while ago but I'm posting it today, just in case she saw it :-) Wishing you a nice time waiting for the spring!

P.S. I saw nice action sort of posters and groups on fb saying "Help summer, eat snow!" :-D

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