Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh la la!

In answer for another challenge of Scrap Market here's another card :) My second try with pink :) The challenge was inspired by the following picture and had to include certain colours:
So here is a very sexy card with a corset....

Actually drawing a corset was the most time-taking part but the rest went quite fast (I mean under 3 hours :D )

Here's how I draw the corset:

Actually Every element of this card I've cut with Olfa knife I got from Frutti :) It's definitely a tool I use the most!

Feel free to leave a comment :) Thanks!


  1. Turned out amazing! Apparently sometimes 'quick cards' are the way to go. ;)

  2. Nieprawdopodobnie piękna kartka! Nie wiem jak Ty to robisz! Pomysł z gorsetem jest super!

  3. wow, is really sexy, wonderfull :)


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