Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend full of crafting

I just came back with Kristin from the Intohimona Askartelu crafting fairs in Helsinki. It was just awesome! We also booked a table to craft during all two day long fairs. The tables were placed upstairs on the balcony from the main event, so we had a good view what's going on there. Eevry time we were doing some project and missing a proper paper or a ribbon we went downstairs "hunting". I felt like a child in a candy shop :-D We also discovered that there's a new shop in Tampere with crafting stuff, awesome!

We have attended many workshops and learned many new techniques. There was also big shot and fiskars products and plenty of stencils that simply I wouldn't afford buying, but I cut a lot of die-cuts, so I can used them know without buying any extra equipment :-)

Later on I'll show the projects I have started during the fairs. This is the only one I managed to finish :-D

I'm sending the project for the challenge of The Shabby Tea Room inspired by the picture. The requirement: flower and damask pattern.

andddd....Out of the frame by Sweet Stampin'

Have a great last hours of the weekend :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Christmas card of year 2012!

Even though it's still August, here in Finland it's getting colder and colder. Feels like winter is just behind the corner. Well, maybe not yet, but why not to start doing Christmas card (for once) on time. Card it's an answer to Finnish blog listed below.

Kortti lähetän Lauran korttihaasteseen # 49. Onko ketään tulossa ensi viikonloppuna Helsinkiin Intohimnona Askartelu tapahtumaan? :-) Nähdään siellä :-)

Such a nice, little card :-) I'd love to start making more round-shaped cards!

Thank you for the comments :-)

Kiitos kommenteista :-)

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We were really productive with Kristin today and I managed to make two card.

Here's the first one in response for the The Sketchy Challenges #30:

I love my new retro papers. This one is called Nostalgia Diamond paper.

I had to fight with the daylight a bit as it was shinning so brightly in the lviing room, but luckily there's photoshop :-D

Thank you for the comments :-)

Kiitos kommenteista :-)

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Monday, August 20, 2012


Have you ever before heard about leporello? Me neither :-) Luckily people are learning all the lives and here's a challenge of, asking to create a leporello. A leporello is an accordion-fold shape of, for example, paper.

I found this challenge a great opportunity to prepare a birthday present for my Mom. Her bithday is exactly today and luckily she got a gift on time :-) On the picture you can find our pictures when I was day, 10 years and 20 years old :-)

Leporello, o ktorym nie mialam wczesniej pojecia bylo swietna zabawa. Mimo, ze zdjec naszukalam sie co nie miara to jakos sie udalo. Na zdjeciu moja Mama i ja jak mialm dzien, dziesiec, i dwadziescia lat. Wszystko to z okazji jej dzisiejszych urodzin. Wszystkiego najlepszego Mamusiu :-)

W pracy pobawilam sie wykrojnikami i nowymi papierami ze, ktore dotarly do mnie tu do Finlandii :-) Mimo, ze nie widac dokladnie na zdjeciu, wydrukowane zdjecia pokrylam distrain stain, dzieki ktorym zdjecia nie sa czarno-biale, a wygladaja jak przy efekcie sepii. Ciapnelam tu i tam, zeby je postarzyc. Poza tym uzylam niemal wszedzie mojego jedynego slonecznikowego glimmer mist. Musze zainwestowac w wieksza game kolorow :)

Po rozlozeniu...
 Zwiazene kokardka...
 Od tylu...

 Niedaleko pada jablko od jabloni :-)

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Sunday, August 19, 2012


 Just quickly, as I'm somehow lacking the inspiration today, as it's been raining all day long :-)

Here it is, an answer for a Scrap Market challenge #18. The challenge was to create a monochrome project, that includes in majority shades of one colour and optionally few neutral accents.

So here it is:

I have used some liquid pearls, sunflower glimmer mist and olive colour inks. I also had a chance to play with my Big Shot.

The card was a last-minute order for 18 years old birthday girl. I know it's not all pink and sweet but neither was the girl :-D The sign in Finnish says "Happy birthday!"

I'll be happy to see some comments :-)

Friday, August 10, 2012

A piece of cake?

I'm happy to announce that my last card has won the previous challenge of PWC :) It was my first paper victory :D

Today we had a scrap session with Kristin and Asia. Asia has never tried car making but she did just great :) I tried to make a paper cake-shaped box for my friend, who got engaged. We'll probably put some present inside :) The thingy was an answer to a challenge of PWC, inspired by the beautiful picture. I again used self-made roses :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to my colours

I think I had overdose of pink with the last projects :-D That's why I decided to come to my comfort area and do something in "my" colours. I have used here a brad I found in the second-hand store together with the other ones and buttons.

The card is a response to two challenges: PWC (map) and CraftMania (used stamps, glitter and flower shaped elements out of all the requirements).

Kartka odpowiada na wyzwanie PWC (mapka) i CraftMania (uzylam stempli, brokatu i kwiatka)

I'll be happy if you leave a comment. Thanks for hopping by! Milo by bylo jakbys zostawil/a komentarz. Dzieki za odwiedziny! ;-)

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