Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recipe journal

This is a present for my friend Katri who has just celebrated her birthday. Happy birthday once again :-) I decided to make for her a recipe journal as she is a great cook and knows how to appreciate flavours! Can´t wait for our next wine & cheese evening :)

Projekt wysylam na wyzwanie PWC zainspirowane kolorami Swietnie spasowal mi sie z tematem :)

It was originally a black noebook but I painted the cover with double layer of the ecreu acrilic paint and then I brushed it gently it with a green ink.
 The journal can be closed and lashed together with a satin bow.
Back cover
 I used cracle paint milled lavender for the cutlery I got from Frutti!
Moreover, I used pink pearl drops.

Thank you for the comments :)

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