Thursday, October 11, 2012

Exploding box

I got amazingly interesting order from a friend to create a gift for her other friend. The theme was supposed to be birthday-wedding like and with a touch of green.

I thought that there couldn´t be a better solution for that than an exploading box with a cake inside!

It´s my first export order as the work is going to travel to Russia (just in case if you wonder why the text is in Russian) :-D

The box after "explosion"

 Just before lifting the lid...

 The biggest challenge- the cake!
I had some problems with setting the brightness balance on the pictures as there´s so much of a white colour here. Any tips how to fix it?

I´ll be happy to see some comments :-)
Milo by bylo gdybys zostawil/a komentarz :-)


  1. I'm speechless! o_O If I'm ever gettin married I know who to call for help...

  2. Very much in love with this! I'm excited to try the tutorial out myself. :)

  3. and my friend loooved getting this "birthday card" I think she's sleeping next to it now.


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