Monday, November 5, 2012


The Christmas gift preparation is progressing well and contrary to the last year, I even managed to do already pretty many cards! However, I realized that I don´t have that many home decorations, so... it was time to make some :-) I actually planned to create a Christmast crown, but I accidentally run into this webpage, where I found a tutorial for a lovely star! I just couldn´t resist!

I calculated that the total cost (paper from old notebook from Iranian friend, glue <didn´t use any hot glue and it´s holding as fine>, brad and glitter) is about 1 euro :-D

How do you like it? :-)

The work I´m sending for a PWC challenge as it suits perfectly to the challenge :-)

Prace wysylam na PWC, jako, ze swietnie wspolgra z nowym wyzwaniem :-)

Jak sie Wam podoba? :-)

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  1. bardzo oryginalna i pomyslowa gwiazdeczka ;D
    dziekujemy za udzial w wyzwaniu ProjektuWagiCiezkiej ;D


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