Saturday, December 15, 2012


I had a chance to use Sizzix stencils during the Intohimona Askartelu handicraft fairs. Here is one of them that I got to use, a snowflake. I think I made like dozen of them, I liked them so much!

In this cards I used the snowflakes itself aaaand the paper that was left after die-cutting. Trying to be enviromentaly-friendly and use every scrap :-)

In these two cards I used clear and milled lavender cracle-paint as well as some silver ink.

Sniezynki tez sa trojwymiarowe wiec wysylam je na wyzwanie PWC :-)

This card´s front side is cut vertically into half so the snowflake is freelly hanging on the edge. To support it a little bit and add some lightness, I used sort of organza.

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  1. fajnie :D super sniezynki :D dziekujemy za udzial w PWC :D pozdrawiam serdecznie


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