Saturday, February 9, 2013

5000 views and 50th post!

Today my blog has hit the magic number of visitors, thank you so much for coming back! I hope this year will be even more inspiring as well as I hope I will have time to use that inspiration in some creative way :-)

I was really productive today at our handicraft event organized by the janitor of our building. I managed to make three Valentine's cards. Obviously they had to contain lots of Valentine's colours and most important one- hearts. And here they are!

Tästä kyllä löytyy monta sydäntä, joten lähetän korttini P*skarteluhaasteelle #174- "Sydämiä"

I mostly used papers from Nostalgia collection by Jen Allyson. The frame and background is called "May Bouquet Collection" by Pebbles.

 Waiting for comments :-)


  1. Hienot paperivalinnat ja upeaa kerroksellisuutta. Raikas kortti :)

  2. Hienokortti ja hyvä idea tehdä kerroksia.


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