Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY Memo board

It's been a long time since my last post :-) I've been working a lot on my home decor, for example, I've learnt how to use sewing machine and I finished bigger part of the cover for my sofa. Now just have to sew the pillows. I will post pictures of some projects later on.

Meanwhile I also managed to break a glass from a frame that I bought for my puzzle "painting". Oh well, I thought I'll recycle it and made a good use of it! :-)

Here is how it looked before...
And after...

 And here's how I made it:
-first I painted it twice with white acryl paint
-then I used golden deco paint with a help of damask patter stencil, I used same paint for the frame
-I attached strings with staple gun at the back
-at the end I just put mini clothspins to hold the notes

Since there's lots of twines here, I'm sending this project for challenge#65 - twines

Have a nice weekend! I'm heading to Prague tomorrow for a looong weekend :-D

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